August 15, 2013

Ecommerce SEOWhether it has to be smaller or larger ecommerce website or store, it include large numbers of pages even thousands of. Thus, it requires a lot of extra efforts and even some tricks in the marketing of all item pages. The purpose is to get huge traffic to the site. Lots of internet marketing tools available to do this but, there is a way which has lot of potential to pull more people to towards your website, and it is search engine optimization.
Optimize the Product Page
For an Ecommerce website, the most imperative page is the product page. Ensure that you are having a SEO-friendly url, suitable title tag, exceptional product description and innovative user comments.
An idyllic product page should consist of the subsequent parts:
Optimized URL structure
Technically an URL of each product page should be written statically or friendly to the search engine, all because it gets indexed fast. Here are an instances of search engine friendly url as how it should be written… or or
The above are examples of a good url structure:
Suppose there is an ecommerce site selling Kitchen tools online, then an ideal product url must match the product name and should be located under the category directory. or
Unique description
Image isn’t a way to explain products all the time, each product needs to be explained or described. Usually, we have seen that it’s completely or majority of content duplicated with product manual or scraped from other sites. Do you think this content will help you to rank? I am sure it’s not. To rank well, you should have a unique description for each product. Product description is like a guide for the consumers about product. In an offline store, a sales person generally explains about the products, their features, benefits etc. So, the description like a person demonstrating the product to the human and search engine as well. Why I included search engine, because the page also needs to be ranked top on search engines. Let’s search top keywords pertaining to the product and put it into the description without making it meaning less and easy to understand for all your targeted audience.
Let users comment on the page
Feedbacks are always welcome as these are great ways to judge the popularity of the product. Nowadays the new platform ecommerce stores are having this built in feature of commenting. When the users comment on a particular product, they add some unique content to the page and unknowingly your page becomes unique source. These feedbacks come from real people and the search engine love content created by real people.
Have a unique title
You must have a unique title tag for every product page. Having unique titles containing your brand name gives you a better chance of ranking. A good approach to creating unique title is given below:-
Product name: Brand Name
Chocolate Birthday Cake:
Make use of Product images
Images contained in the product page have a lot more use that what you thought previously. An image has several properties and as a successful seo strategy, you must use all these image properties effectively. These properties are image description, image alt tag and the image title tag. You must use the product name in these areas to optimize your product pages.
Use the power of Sitemaps
Sitemaps are an easier way to notify the search engines whenever you add new pages to your websites. Maintain both sitemap.html and sitemap.xml as this will help in the easy crawling of your website and will give you the maximum benefit.

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