July 23, 2012

For any SEO Campaign, finding keywords and key phrases in your niche is the central point. Traffic may vary by the keywords from thousands to millions visitors for your website. Keyword Research is the first step in order to rank on juicy and most competitive keywords and it has to be said, it is incomplete if you do not know how to research keyword, which tools and tips to be used in entire keyword research process.

Keyword Research by SEOGenXI recently talked on How Small Business can grow up with Google Knowledge Graph and other recent updates which suggests that a traditional keyword research is going to shift in semantic based keyword research process in near future. We still use old school methods to research keywords and it’s no wonder that it is still working.
We can enhance this process and take in few more steps in the keyword analysis to make it more progressive. It couldn’t be new for you. The keyword tools used in this article are well known and conversant for you but, the real values hidden behind these keyword identifier tools are truly noteworthy.
Let’s start with a…  

Method to find Hidden Gem Keywords:

(If your website or store is newly launched, please don’t try this method) 
Prior to use this method, your website should be indexed on Google and by now ranked on some top search keywords. The next step is keyword analysis and you can collect some of the new keywords for search engine ranking campaign or onsite targeting keywords list. 

With this method, you can also find more keywords for the content creation or link building campaign to increase your website visibility on the Google or any other search engines.  

Ok, let’s follow these simple 10 steps to find hidden gems keywords,
  1. Open www.keywordspy.com (as I said, you might be aware of this tool).
  2. Enter your domain (e.g. example.com).
  3. Select country (e.g. United States).
  4. Access “Organic Keywords (#)” tab.
  5. Here, it’s a limited list of keywords you can view (you can upgrade to access more keywords).
  6. Choose any keyword and Click on "kw" button.
  7. Go for it. These are the list of Hidden Gem Keywords.
  8. Copy all keywords into Excel. (You can use export to excel options).
  9. Filter all by higher search volumes.
  10. That’s it. You got a list of hidden gems keywords (see below image).
Keyword Research at Keywordspy.com
Keyword Research Tips

Let’s take an example of two keywords highlighted in above image, 
  1. "link" – Huge search volumes and it’s  on 17th so, example.com can target this term until it ranks on first page of Google.
  2. "link text" – this is already on first page, to get more benefit from the search volumes, you should target this keyword to rank first.
Let’s hope it would be clear for you to know the hidden gems keywords I was talking about.

Finally, you can use these queries in your website content or start link building campaign to optimize your site for these new search terms.
Let’s get into one more tips to find the keywords, which are in trend for any topic/industry.

How to find Rising Search Terms:

We always have confusion over a selection of the primary search query, so that we find more keywords based on it. It’s difficult to determine a keyword that is perfect for the campaign. Using Google AdWords and other keyword tools, we can find more search queries. 

Let’s say we have successfully picked some keywords based on higher search volumes and low competition but, do you think that it is perfect? It may or may not be. It depends on the business or industry you are serving for. Following a trend to the specific business or industry will give you more search queries which are latest in talk. Now, the difficulty is where to find these trend specific search queries?
Google Insight for Search is a perfect solution to find Trend Specific search queries. Based on time, location and the terms you haven entered – you can search Top and Rising keywords on any topic.

Enter a search term, e.g. I have entered, “learn seo” to find keywords which are in trend, specific to a location and a time period.

You can also find countries more interested in learning Search Engine Optimization:

Now, it’s time to what we are waiting for…to see the most Rising and Top keywords related to “learn seo” – these are the trendy keywords you can use for your onsite and offsite seo campaign.

You can use filter to find rising search terms to a specific time ranges and location.

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